Uses of Aluminium

Uses of Aluminium


Lightweight, low-temperature resistance, high strength, and low cost; 6000 series aluminum alloys (e.g., 6061 and 6063) have relatively low strengths but feature excellent ductility, and are commonly used for airframes and structural fuselage components, bolts, door and window frames.


Aluminum is stable for its non-toxic, non-magnetic, anti-rust, and non-flammable properties, enabling the material a top candidate for numerous electronic products. Additionally, aluminum alloys 6000 series (6060, 6063) can rapidly and effectively dissipate heat to enable stable and efficient operation of electronic components.


Weight reduction is a common objective in the automotive industry for reducing engine displacement. Aluminum alloys provide high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and flexibility, which facilitate the ultimate goal of weight reduction.


High intensity sports and contact sports require the support of high-strength and highly resistant sport equipment. Aluminum alloys 6063 feature lightweight, hard, and strong physical properties. The precision spec on aluminum sporting goods plays a vital role in a fair competition.


In addition to the aforementioned industries, aluminum alloys are also widely applied in medical, biotechnology, solar power, construction, and transportation industries, fulfilling various industry-based requirements. When innovatively applied, there are endless possibilities for aluminum alloys.