Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

Our factory cast aluminium billets for production according to international standards and the chemical composition specifications requested by our long-lasting customers. The quality of Aluminij billets is guaranteed and enhanced by auxiliary equipment such as spectrum analyzer, online hydrogen degassing system, hydrogen detectors, ultrasonic billet testers and homogenization furnaces.

Materials are tested in our laboratory before they enter the production process, thus ensuring exclusive use of flawless materials. Our production and testing processes are optimized on an ongoing basis and Aluminij’s laboratories provide an in depth chemical spectrum analysis of alloy composition spark test for each billet produced, to ensure maximum accuracy.

Aluminij’s 6XXX series billets are produced by semi-continuous vertical casting using Wagstaff technology – Air Slip, and are intended to be further extruded into profiles, bars and tubes of different shapes and applications.

Wagstaff billet casting systems are the foundation of our high-quality billet production. The options are virtually endless, with diameters available from 152 to 254 mm and strand counts from 36 to 78 billets per drop. Hundreds of alloy compositions have been proven on Wagstaff casting systems and the limits are continually stretched with new common and aerospace alloy development taking place in Wagstaff’s production-scale R&D cast house laboratory.

The Wagstaff Air Slip Air Casting Technology produces the highest quality billets, known for their smooth surface finish, small shell zone and uniform – grain structure – the world standard for billet quality.