Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics

The reputation and integrity of the Aluminij Industries (hereinafter: the Company) is significantly affected by the decisions, actions and conduct of every one of us. We all carry a particular responsibility – to the public, market and our clients, as well as to our colleagues. For this reason, it is important to have acknowledged standards of ethics to ensure that both collective and individual behavior will be consistent with the Companies objectives and practices. Therefore, it is essential that you take the time to review this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (hereinafter: the Code) and develop a working knowledge of its provisions. This Code applies to all employees. Moreover, this Code applies to all equally – from the Director of the Company to those just starting their professional lives.

The Code governs interactions with our clients, business partners, regulators, as well as with each other. These standards form also the cornerstone of our policies and procedures, which provide detailed guidance on compliance with applicable laws and regulations and which have to be observed by every employee.

Even though the Code does not address every situation that may arise, the objective is to support all employees in their daily work when they are faced with legal and ethical challenges, to provide them with orientation, and to encourage ethical behavior.

The Code regulates the principles, rules of conduct, employment and promotion of employees, reporting of illegal actions and the procedure of acquaintance with the Code that applies to all persons employed in the Company, as well as authorized individuals and representatives appointed by the Company to perform certain tasks. Business ethics is the application of generally accepted ethical principles in the business process of individuals and society.

The Code should contribute to the conduct of business activities in the spirit of business ethics, good business practices, the principles of conscientiousness and honesty, and to enable business transparency.

The Code is aimed at reinforcing the company’s fair, sustainable, responsible and ethical basic principles for action. Violations of these rules of conduct may lead to sanctions which are defined in our internal policies. Even though it is the duty of all individuals to familiarize themselves with the legal requirements, they will not be left to fend for themselves.

Principles of Business Conduct

Professionalism; Expertise; Justice; Honesty; Transparency; Conscientiousness; Responsibility; The principles of business conduct relate to important areas of the Company’s business activities that have an impact on the Company’s reputation and position in the market.

The goal of the general principles is to define the principles of work and business conduct in significant business activities in accordance with high professional standards of work and basic ethical values for management and employees as well as for all related parties. General principles of business conduct are established for the following areas: Legality; Avoidance of conflicts of interest; Anti- corruption; Receiving gifts and other goods; Compliance with laws, regulations and rules; Professional abilities and conscientious conduct; Respect for human rights and environmental protection.

The Principle of Legality

Performing duties, tasks and everyday work in the Company is performed explicitly and only with the application and compliance with laws, regulations, rules and procedures prescribed by the competent state authorities, as well as compliance with the Statute and other general and individual acts adopted by the Company.

When concluding an employment contract, employees express their consent to this Code by signing statement and undertake to act in accordance with it. By accepting the principles in this Code, employees undertake to implement them consistently, always and exclusively in the interest of the Company, their reputation and dignity, the reputation and dignity of the other employees with whom they cooperate and in the interest of the profession and jobs they perform.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Employees are required to avoid actual or obvious conflicts of interest with the Company in personal or professional relationships. A conflict of interest occurs when the personal or professional interest of the employee prevents, possibly prevents or seems to materially disable the interest, or the business of the Company or the ability of the employee to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities.

Persons to whom the Code applies, in the event of a real or obvious conflict of interest, in each individual case are obliged to immediately exclude themselves from further decision-making and immediately report or inform their superior.

Anti Corruption

Persons to whom the Code applies shall, in the performance of their duties, refrain from any conduct which, under applicable international or local criminal law, could be characterized as active or passive bribery.

Receiving Gifts & Other Goods

An employee is prohibited from seeking or accepting any gift or other benefit in connection with the performance of his duties. The prohibition on seeking or accepting gifts or other benefits in connection with the performance of his duties shall also apply to members of the family and household of the employee.

Even when gifts are exchanged in the best intentions and motives of nurturing personal or professional friendships, they can be misunderstood and give the impression that they are an inappropriate benefit with the aim of making an impact.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations & Rules

In fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities, all employees are obliged to act in accordance with laws, bylaws, Statute of the Company and other general and individual acts adopted by the Company.

If any employee becomes aware of any information that he considers to be evidence of a material violation of laws, rules, guidelines or regulations relating to the Company, he shall disclose that information to the Director of the Company or another competent authority.

Professional Abilities & Conscientious Conduct

All employees are obliged to perform their functions, perform their duties, and perform their tasks conscientiously, professionally, impartially and with due care, while respecting all legal regulations and other relevant acts.

By constantly striving to improve the efficiency and quality of work, employees should achieve a high level of professionalism and expertise through education and training, while respecting the ethical principles and dignity of the profession.

Respect for Human Rights & Environmental Protection

The protection of human rights and the environment is a constitutional provision and the most important ethical principle to which special attention is given because humans and the environment are invaluable values ​​that must always be protected and promoted.

Every employee of the Company is obliged to ensure the enjoyment of all human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and other positive regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All employees of the Company should be respected and esteemed as persons in accordance with the rights arising from respect for their life, integrity and dignity.

The Company is obliged to recognize the right of all its members and provide conditions for unhindered professional development and training, in accordance with the possibilities, and to the extent that the right of one member of the community does not interfere with the same right of another member.

All employees have an obligation and responsibility towards others in terms of fair, honest and impartial behaviour, the promotion of professional and professional work, all for the common good of all employees and the Company as a whole.

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