Agreement Signed with Glencore

Glencore International AG and Aluminij Industries d.o.o. sign two years supply agreement for primary remelt aluminium and offtake contract for extrusion billets

Aluminij Industries d.o.o., a part of the M.T. Abraham Group, and Glencore International AG, signed a contract for the supply of 300,000 metric tons of primary remelt aluminium, covering the anticipated consumption for 2022 and 2023.

Simultaneously, Glencore has committed to selling more than 230,000 metric tons of primary aluminium alloy billets over the same period. With more than twenty years of shared experience with Aluminij’s products, Glencore possesses the necessary network and expertise to market the PLM13™ series billets. Produced by semi-continuous vertical casting, using Wagstaff AirSlip advanced technology, the PLM13 series ensures the delivery of high-performance products to end clients and downstream customers.

Considering the strong outlook for aluminium products for industrial markets, and the metal’s role in the transition into a low-carbon economy, both companies recognise the importance of this commercial relationship to produce a stable supply of quality billets to satisfy continuously growing demand in Europe and beyond.

Robin Scheiner, Head Aluminium Glencore International AG:

”Glencore is a long-standing partner to Aluminij, and understands the importance of supplying high quality aluminium products to our partners around the world. We also share the goal of supporting the development of the aluminium sector into a low-carbon industry. We look forward to working with Aluminij to achieve this ambition.”

Amir Gross Kabiri, Founder and CEO of Aluminij industries d.o.o.:

“Aluminij and Glencore share a long history in their business dealings, created over years producing and trading aluminium, always striving to create mutually beneficial business opportunities. The signed agreements reflect the trust between the organizations, creating a strong basis for Aluminij to look ahead, focusing on ensuring the sustainable and responsible production of low carbon aluminium products. Aluminij is proud to be on its way to becoming a near to zero emission producer of billets, slabs and foundry alloys, and we shall maintain this course by investing in our own renewable electricity supply, a process which has already begun and will be completed by 2025.”