Social Day at Aluminij

Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with Aluminij Industries d.o.o. organized a “Social Day” which was realized on October 15, 2021. in the premises of Aluminij Industries. It is Aluminij Industries, which is part of M.T. Abraham Group, the first company to support Social Day 2021 in Mostar, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through its engagement on the Social Day, Aluminij Industries, as a socially responsible company, gave its contribution to the implementation of ideas of high school students throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the opportunity for students from Mostar to see how it manages the business, but also to participate in the work of one of the companies, the longest tradition in our country. The visit began with an introductory lecture in the Administration Building, followed by a tour of the modernized production facilities where students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the production process. At the end of the day, the students met with the CEO of Aluminij Industries, Mr. Amir Gross Kabiri, who invited them to apply and join the company after completing their school education.

On the Social Day, high school students had the opportunity to gain a sense of work atmosphere and get acquainted with the basic work processes by going to work. In this way, we contributed to making a decision about their future occupation and to acquire knowledge that has use value in the labor market. Aluminij Industries will continue to invest in the local community and young people, who are the driving force of society.