In a global business environment which is seeking it’s path and conversion to sustainability, the aluminium industry is one of the key elements.

Aluminium as a material can be the leader of the sustainable industry due to it’s valuable property of almost infinite recycling. Quantifying GHG emissions resulting from owned sources as well as those associated with upstream and downstream supply chain is an essential first step on the journey towards carbon neutrality or net zero.

Carbon footprint assessment shows the dedication to control emissions and identifying areas for improvement. Aluminij Industries decided to join the green revolution and use a holistic, methodology to assess its processes and reduce emissions.

We have chosen an experienced and trusted body like Bureau Veritas to verify our company’s commitment to achieve sustainable operations.

As a global market leader, Aluminij is one of the first companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans to complete the Carbon Footprint Certification process.

Bureau Veritas Slovenia has conducted its CO2 footprint calculation based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol guidelines and has verified Aluminij’s compliance with ISO 14063-3 and ISO 14065.

Aluminij’s Direct (“Scope 1”) carbon emissions and Indirect (“Scope 2”) carbon emissions are 211,477 kgCO2 e per tonne of produced aluminium.

CO2 Footprint Certification