Equality Forum

Creating fruitful surroundings for community awareness, celebrating diversity and fostering social change.

We at Aluminij are committed of supporting diversity as part of our corporate responsibility being one of the leading enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We encourage diversity and strive to create an equal working opportunity to all genders, religions, and nationality.

Our leadership embraces equality from a belief that breaking down barriers that divide us will contribute to the growth of our community. We encourage and will support passionate individuals and allies which are calling attention to any opportunity for a real change – and making that change a reality. Aluminij will remain fully committed and supportive to the LGBTQIA+ community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, internally and beyond.




  • His Excellency Noah Gal Gendler, Ambassador to the State Israel in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Mr. Amir Gross Kabiri, Chairman of M.T. Abraham Group
  • Mr. Mateo Čovčić, Psychologist
  • Mr. Damir Banović, Ph.D, Assistant professor, University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Law
  • Mrs. Dragana Kraljević, Head of Human Resources at Aluminij Industries
  • Mrs. Ivona Čarapina Zovko, Ph.D, Assistant professor, University of Mostar – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mr. Marko Mihailović, Director of Pride Society Serbia

We have created the Equality Forum with the intent to enhance community and corporate awareness, celebrate diversity and foster social change.

The goal of this forum is to recognise difficulties that LGBTQIA+ people face in their professional life as a marginalised group in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to set guidelines for concrete strategies for a real change. We believe that proper encouragement is key for developments in all socio economic segments.

As a market leader, it is our responsibility to inspire others to follow our lead. Our aim is to be a rule model to the regional corporate world and for doing so, the change should come from within our corporation.

With this forum, we are creating the opportunity for professionals within fields of human rights, social activism, psychology, human resources, diplomats and government officials to propose and define effective steps towards the joint goals of human rights protection. Combining organisations and professionals in one place with the same goal can lead to results in future.

For more information: www.equality.ba